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Special Event May 9th, 2015:

"Last Lap" with Valarie Rea Caldwell-Newman

"Our Mission: to take back the night . . . one smile at a time.....

The Survivor--Who Is She?

“She” is a woman forced or coerced or exploited into the sex industry, probably before she was old enough to vote. “She” is a woman whose teeth are broken, missing, infected, even abscessed. Sometimes the damage came from a pimp who deliberately broke her teeth, sometimes from a john who hit her, sometimes because she couldn’t afford dental care. But whatever the cause, it hurts her to eat and it hurts her to smile.

How Can We Help Her?

Portland citizens can work together as a team to restore survivors teeth.
· Individual dentists can help by “adopting” just one survivor, creating a treatment plan, and restoring her teeth.
· Civic groups can help by inviting survivors to speak about the special needs of women escaping prostitution.
· Individuals can help by asking any dentists they know to help just one survivor with her teeth.
· You can help by donating cash or gift cards to S.A.S.S. so that we can pay for dental lab fees, prescriptions, soft foods, and other survivors needs.