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Host a House Party Fundraiser for S.A.S.S.

Please consider hosting a house party fundraiser--a brunch, tea, dinner, or dessert party--to raise funds to help trafficking survivors.

S.A.S.S. is built on small donations from private individuals whose hearts have been opened by survivors' stories.A local women's church group gave a tea and raised $800 for S.A.S.S. A college student and her best friend held a Christmas party at their home in the Pearl and raised $120, plus piles of warm clothing. The hostess's mother gave a S.A.S.S. flyer to her dentist, who volunteered to reconstruct two survivors' teeth. Our organization is built on women helping women in this way.

Invite your friends and with the help of S.A.S.S. staff, become a community fundraiser along with your girlfriends. You and your friends can give cash and gift cards, or donate needed items.

S.A.S.S. will bring survivors who will share their stories of recovery. We will also help plan the party and bring stack of S.A.S.S. brochures for guests to give to their dentists. Please call 971.275.5271 to learn more about how to host a house party and Save a Survivor's Smile.