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Pornography Andrea Dworkin 1991
Its Wrong to Pay for Sex Debate - Melissa Farley 4/14 Intelligence Squared Debates
It's Wrong to Pay for Sex Debate - Catharine MacKinnon 6/14 Intelligence Squared

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 Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections
Melissa Farley 2007

A 2-year research study of Nevada legal and illegal prostitution and sex trafficking reveals human rights violations against women in the Nevada legal brothels. This book explains how the multibillion-dollar illegal sex industry in Las Vegas works. Making connections between legal and illegal prostitution, prostitution and sex trafficking, advertising for prostitution, political corruption, pornography, and organized crime, Farley notes that at the root of it all are the men who insist on the right to rent human beings in prostitution: the johns. Sex trafficking happens because johns create the demand for it.
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Book released May 2007

From a conference sponsored by Captive Daughters and DePaul University in Chicago Essays by: Catharine MacKinnon, Esohe Aghatise, Julie Bindel, Robert Jensen, Gail Dines, Anna Agathangelou, Neil Malamuth, Eileen Pitipan, Melissa Farley, Christopher Kendall, Diana Russell, Vednita Carter, Chris Stark, Annalisa Enrile, Chyng Sun, Ken Franzblau, Michelle Dempsey, Janine Benedet, Rebecca Whisnant, Rus Ervin Funk. Edited by David E. Guinn with Julie DiCaro

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 Not for Sale: Feminists Resisting Prostitution and Pornography
Christine Stark and Rebecca Whisnant 2004
Spinifex Press

 The Idea of Prostitution
Sheila Jeffreys 1997
Spinifex Press
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 The Prostitution of Sexuality: The Global Exploitation of Women
Kathleen Barry 1995
NYU Press
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 Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror
Judith Herman 1994
Basic Books
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 Listening to Olivia: Violence, Poverty, and Prostitution (Northeastern Series on Gender, Crime, and Law)
Jody Raphael 2004

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 Prostitution, Trafficking, and Traumatic Stress
Melissa Farley (editor) 2003

With 32 contributors, this book offers an analysis of prostitution and trafficking as organized interpersonal violence. Even in public health and criminal justice, prostitution is often misunderstood as "sex work." The book includes clinical examples, analysis, and original research that counteract common myths about the harmlessness of prostitution to those in it. Prostitution, Trafficking, and Traumatic Stress documents the violence that runs like a constant thread through all types of prostitution including escort, brothel, trafficking, strip club, and street prostitution. International in scope, the book's contributors include clinical experts in traumatic stress, attorneys and advocates who work with trafficked women and children and prostituted women themselves. View book at Amazon